Commerzbank Asset Management

Commerzbank Asset Management

We offer a boutique-style approach and adhere to general fiduciary principles focused on protecting our investors’ interests. We offer a wide range of active and semi-active strategies wrapped as a mutual fund or as an advisory or outsourcing mandate with an external fund. Our expertise encompasses, notably, the commodity sector, market-neutral option strategies, overlay management and passive enhanced strategies. Our asset management solutions are available as UCITS retail funds or special mandates.

ComStage, our multi award-winning ETF platform founded in 2008, continues the Commerzbank tradition of passive investment solutions first started in 1988. There are currently around 100 ComStage ETFs covering a large number of regional and global markets and multiple asset classes. ComStage ETFs are known for their favourable terms, high replication quality and high liquidity.

Private labelling
A strong brand is essential to the success of your fund. A private label partnership with us enables you to package your product idea in a fund wrapper with your name on it. This allows you to take full advantage of your brand while accessing a fast and cost-efficient way to enter the market through the experience and resources of Commerzbank Group.

As part of Germany’s second largest bank and the large institutional platform of its Corporates & Markets division, Asset Management offers its clients: market proximity, optimum implementation of investment strategies by highly specialised teams of experts and comprehensive customer service including individual reporting. As Commerzbank Asset Management is connected to the Corporates & Markets platform and integrated into a large bank, it is able to access extensive resources for the benefit of our clients. As a result, very efficient high-quality investment products and strategies are created

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